``Natural Horsemanship``

Training program

We train all horses with the methods of NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP. The methods of NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP are built up logical and relatively easy to learn. They combine logical thinking of man with strategies and techniques, which approach the nature flight animal directly and in a natural way.

Sandra Gouder, owner and horsetrainer on DOUBLE G RANCH is specialised on founding a solid base between you and your horse, which is requirement to make the not really easy connection between “flight animal“ horse and “predator “ man working In groundwork as well as in riding.

Our training program is based on a relationship with respect and trust and without any fear.


Young horses should be at least four weeks in our base training.
After this base training the horse owner – depending on his personal skills – and us will find a mutual understanding for the next steps.

If we talk about so-called “difficult“ horses we maybe need to think about a “reset“. Sandra: “From my 20 years experience I understand that those “resets“ only make sense and will work, when the owner himself as well is wanting to adopt as well these concepts“.

The horse will sense very fast, when the owner falls back into his “old“ behaviours –very often just after two actions – and will loose it´s new abilities fast.
Mother Nature has programmed horses to “follow“ when the leadership is OK. But horses will try to lead themselves when man does not have the ability to lead.

The most difficult horses are those who want to take over leadership but by nature don´t have the skills and genes to be leader. Those horses act unpredictable and can be dangerous because their attitude changes permanently from fear to false dominance and back. We call those horses disrespectful.

After finished the first session with the horse we will create a profile of your horse. As well at this point Sandra will tell about the further training process: if progress will be  normal, slowly or quite fast.

Also horses can be fast “thinkers“ or slow “thinkers“. You will find introverted or extroverted characters. There are impulsive characters or more apathetic horses. Some are playful and some are more ponderous.

The training or even better the conditioning of the horse will be recorded in detail. This records will be your “safety net“. If problems occur you can go back and re-start with the exercises which helped to program the horse.

From the beginning of december until the end of february

VIP winter weeks

In Winter we organize Horsemanship & Snowsportweeks , which we call VIP Weeks; for Very Interactive People!

Horsemanship and snowsport – we combine pleasure and useful. Some days of relaxation enjoying the snow and the mountains and at the same time experiencing horsemanship in a wonderful winter surrounding.

Those VIP Winter Weeks will take place from december until end february.
The entry number of 2 to 4 persons is ideal to go skiing in the morning  with plenty of sun and clear blue sky and enjoying the ski lodges in the morning time.

In the afternoon we are ready for the horses: we will do together beautiful rides in the snow, horsesleigh-drives and skijoring which combines skiing drawn from horses.