Horse vacation

A dream for


If you come here to the western slope with your own horse, you can experience wonderful tours like riding through free-range-cattle pasture where you perfectly can galopp your horse. After a 2 hr ride your hosts welcome you with a delightful picknick.

Other rides will lead you into nature parks nearby where you can see plenty of wild animals such as deer, elk and many more.

Depending on the ability of your horse we can vary the length of our tours. By the way: your horses won´t need shoes on all trails.

Extreme / Mountain Trail:

Why the idea of extreme trails as training facilities? Ditches, bridges, fallen trees, rocks and many more maybe  can encounter horse and rider in free nature. Out of this reason and to open this experience to all riders the concept of extreme trails – in USA “mountain trails“ – was born. In this concept a trail is designed with natural obstacles.

The purpose of such a trail is not just to overcome the obstacles. In fact the purpose is that the horse surmounts the obstacles safe and with a relaxed and free posture of the head. Speed does not matter but a safe walk. The rider always should be able to give commands to his horse, such as to stop, to move forward, backward or to the side.The training on extreme trails is a welcome change for the horse and most of the horses really enjoy this a lot.

Last not least this a perfect method to strengthen the confidence between horse and rider.