Jewelry & More

Jewelry & More

All bracelets, key chains and dreamcatchers are made with horsehair from our own horses / Mustangs. Since the whole collection is created and handmade by Sandra, every single piece stands for it´s own, is unique and as individual as its wearer.


“BASIC”         – 4strand or 8strand braided horsehair with or without Murano glass beads.

“ELEVATED”   – 3strand braided horsehair processed with selected Gemstones such as Goldstones, Tiger eyes, Labradorite, Crystals, etc.                                             – 4strand or 8strand braided horsehair with a zamak halfcuff finished with a selected Gemstone such as Aventurine, Lapis Laszuli,                                    Amethyst, Malachit, Topaz, Turquoise, Agate, Goldstones, etc.

“SPECIAL”      – 925 sterling silver with braided horsehair and crushed Gemstones such as Sleeping Lady Turquoise or Lapis Lazuli


Since the collection varies, please contact us directly for more details by email to: